Daily life – week1

Last week saw kickoff of some mundane activities left off over last few months – ah! The enthusiasm of week1 of the year!

  • drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • Regular laundry
  • cook (registered for Hello Fresh who delivered on the rainy Thursday before noon. I had forgotten about it. As I arrived at the door, there was a soggy  cardboard box waiting. “It is unusual of neighbours A&M to leave boxes outside the door”, I thought, as I carried the disintegrating box inside. It was then I saw from where it was.. and jumped to action to put the cool contents into the fridge. From there, the excitement took over. The Thai veggie curry followed – the mushrooms stayed on the kitchen counter as husband decided to cook the recipe. His first time with the thermomix. I longingly looked at the mushrooms and decided to make something else with it! Today, we had the Zucchini puffer with bulgar salad and orange-cranberry sauce… the enthusiasm is more about trying new recipes than eating the fresh veggies. The advantage is that we don’t waste vegetables anymore. As we eat, we try to understand their business model).
  • Started meditation and gym and noticed an increase in number of weight reducing program ads on ALL my social media…
  • got my first ever photo book – a result of automatic selection of photos by the algorithm…. Husband not too happy with selection and I am happy with the quality “that far exceeded my expectations”
  • found that rubber plant leaves turn brown and fall due to over-watering and not just lack of sun
  • The effect of not applying for German citizenship – 300 Euros and 3 hours this evening … And one more country to go.

And in the world I was moved by these…

  • Iran bans English in primary schools
  • Airbus courted China with A380
  • China’s foreign exchange reserves continue to rise for the 11-th month but their new trade measures make donkeys sad – “China also cut tariffs on imports of the animals’ skins, which is likely to fuel demand for them as an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.”
  • India’s GDP growth rebounds after 5q of slowing growth
  • German government continues to have a Belgian existential crisis
  • Not a single aircraft passenger flight crash in 2017!

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