Changing “Time”s

I had worked on something about 2 months ago and I was validating the information today to wrap this up. As I started researching whether any thoughts had come out, I realized that my level of satisfaction over search results had also changed. As technology changes proliferated in the last couple of decades, our expectations have also sky rocketed.

In 2004, 2005 when I was researching for my MBA admissions, I was happy with whatever information I found, even if it was 2-3 years old. The pace of change in the world was slower which meant the content changed slower, the search content was few and far between, the search tools were still evolving – this meant that if the results were even vague, we were happy to get it and finally internet speed was slow.

Unfortunately, this is no longer true. Today, while searching for new information on the topic, I was impatient when one of the articles was from 2015. I just basically discarded this and quickly set the filter – “this year”. I found it difficult to accept the findings in that easier – it was one from 2016. It had not “changed” enough from the 2015 one! Even my expectation of how much things “should” change had morphed like a chameleon  .

Finally, I filtered onto one week before and now I could find something new – there were some new thoughts and new ideas – all in less than 2 months! If we continue thinking at this pace and rethinking ideas at this peace, the world is going to be living in the reverse soon. Exciting times?


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