Addis Ababa Bole Airport

Airports provide a great variety of people… Sitting at a cafe at Addis Ababa Airport in just one cafe, waiting for my parents-in-law and sister-in-law to join, I watched the same people doing different things at the airport over and over again. At the same time, it was interspersed with the travellers… A good place to start using a new camera (getting a hang of the light settings was a great challenge.. – good to start indoors with people).

The whole Addis Airport was full of Chinese people. We reached early enough when the whole airport was flooded with transit passengers. This group decided to spend their time at the airport to bond over a game of cards. It reminded me of several scenes in Singapore and China…


The cafe we chose at the airport was London cafe. We walked in from the back entrance and found a seat which would give us a good view. There was the counter where all the baked goods were displayed. The waiters kept coming here to refill the wares.


This lady in grey seemed to have the stock keeping responsibility. She came and took stock of the situation, went outside and counted. Then she had a quick discussion with the lady in red there who seemed just stationed there. I wondered about this lady in red who just sat there waiting waiting at the corner  while all others ran around collecting orders, dispatching food all at a very slow pace.


As I turned around from my vantage point, I noticed that there was another person, just sitting at the counter closer to the kitchen. He seemed to just be waiting. He had this place of toasted bread in front of him, waiting to the taken to the table. Several waiters came to him but the place of toasted bread just remained.


A little later, I realized that this was the counter where he took care of routing the orders in the right sequence … the toasted bread plate remained and it looked like only I was interested or bothered about this.





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