Years pass by

Years ago, my sister listened to songs of a new singer. It was the year FM was introduced into several homes in Chennai. They beamed all upcoming Indian pop artists. My sister and I had very different tastes in music – if she liked some songs, I would approach those songs with trepedition. We shared the same room at that time and we had frequent tussles about which type of music we would play. So it happened, that I took a long time to like Lucky Ali – even the initial years of being in love with my husband (who liked Lucky Ali music), did not cure me of the dislike. It required a move to Germany and several years to make me change my mind. I wonder how the current music trends made me switch over as well.

Today I watched Dewarist episode featuring Lucky Ali. As I sat down to watch the 3-rd series of the Dewarists, I chose the episode Lucky Ali with Shilpa Gupta (of my generation). Perhaps I was curious to watch the person whose music had grown on me. There were several aspects that stood out.

First was the physical difference.

lucky ali new

He was much older. Well, so am I – yet, when I saw Lucky Ali in this video, it brought a sense of how much time had passed. It took me back to those days – I went to Wikipedia to check how old he was at the time we had listened to him and I was surprised to find that he is almost as old as my mother is. He looked older now but not as old as he actually is- he looked better than I had imagined him to be.

I then tried to find one of the older popular songs. I was jolted. There was a very young version singing.

lucky ali

Secondly, his voice was deeper than the albums of the past that I had heard.

and finally,something about the way he and Shilpa worked together caught my attention. It made me think about how an older artist and a younger artist in a completely new area tried to match their art and make some meaning out of the two. Through out the video I saw something that made me think they were trying to postpone working together. I wondered whether anything strong could come out of the respectful environment in which Shilpa seemed to work in with Lucky Ali. She probably also grew up at the age when Lucky Ali became popular and his style was the fashion. Yet, when I saw Khirama, they two arts seemed to blend.


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