The last word in Hindustani Vocal (part 1) – Kumar Gandharva

Some of the best classical cassettes I have had when I was a child were from Music Today. Today, in the “Discover” section of spotify, I chanced upon the album “The last word in Hindustani Vocal (part 1) of Kumar Gandharva”.

It is one of the first albums of Kumar Gandharva that I remember listening to. The raagas were dealt with very beautifully. I felt calm and useful as I heard the songs. As Raag Bhoopali started, I felt completely transformed. There is nothing more beautiful than an evening with a mesmerizing Hindustani classical sung by someone teasing his way through the music. It puts everything into a different perspective. All of a sudden all issues seem at fifty thousand feet below you and your head clears. 

When Raag Shree started, I was a bit jolted. I had not heard this treatment of the Raag before. Nevertheless as it proceeded, I waited to the different treatment of Karan dhai hain… and when it ended and started fading away, I was left with a sense of loss…  


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    Must check it out 🙂

    1. Colours says:

      Curiously waiting to hear your opinion.

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