Some snippets this Sunday

Written on November 18:

This morning, I decided I would like to do things I have been planning for long and not got around to doing. So it all started with some reading.

I have been reading FTs “How to spend it” for many years now. It played, I am sure, a significant part in my initiative to do my MBA though finally I did learn to laugh at how naive I was. The article on Aerin Lauder got me thinking about how she would give a £260 watch to her children as gifts. It made me think about my spending habits in comparison to those who have less than I have. There are several things I buy that are more expensive than some very good quality items in them market. Yet, somehow I do not even think about looking for the same thing in less expensive places. Finally, just because I can afford to be (right now), I am not constrained in choices for normal items. Don’t get me wrong, Aerin Lauder goes to McDonalds too… So it is not her. I am just reacting to my initial reaction – £260 watch for children – what will be their value for money. I had to consciously remind myself that within my boundaries, I am doing the same. I am sure she will have her boundaries too – where she jumps out of skin and wonders.


This morning, I heard some Chinese Music on SWR2. It came sometime during the mid day – a time of the day I do not listen to SWR2 normally.


When it started, it was a big surprise and put me in a mood for more Chinese music. As I am wont to do these days, I immediately shared it to my facebook to remember it for later. The mood put me in a calm mood for the rest of the day. It reminded me of the FIMU festival where students of one of the Chinese Universities performed traditional music as well as dance. It was a bigger treat to find a YouTube video that had more Chinese traditional music.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. agnes says:

    I agree, Chinese music can be so calming!

  2. ph68723 says:

    >This morning, I decided I would like to do things I have been planning for long and not got around to doing – there is a theme here, isn’t there? You should write an article on procrastination…someday 😉

    1. colours says:

      🙂 – Working all the time is a good way to procrastinate. Have been trying to get back to long writing – facebook / twitter seems to have robbed me of that… Let me try with the India trip…

  3. Nancy says:

    It’s exactly one month since u said u were going to ‘try’ ;-/

    Come on write something I’ve given up on ur friend;-(….

  4. colours says:

    This is a good motivation – was not even sure whether anyone was reading anymore…

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