10 things

My friend Sindhu, has blogged about 10 things she would like to avoid doing in 2012. She got me thinking about what I would like to avoid but found it quite difficult to separate writing what I would like to avoid and what I would like to do. Nevertheless here goes a try:

1). Surprisingly is the same as hers (and I never thought it would be hers) – procrastination is the biggest evil in my life “still”.

2). Suspending this blog AGAIN

3). Exercising – still procrastinating over this one.

4). Cancelling plans to do personal projects

5). Keeping my bicycle in status quo – with a flat tyre

6). Keeping the apartment dirty

7). Same as Sindhu

8). Eating unhealthy sweet things

9). Not creating a proper plan for what I want to achieve at work or in life in the year

10). Eating out instead of cooking even when there is time

Wow! That was not easy … Try doing it – so much easier to write about what to do. The biggest avoid I should avoid – avoid following the above.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. agnes says:

    My god, this could be my list too :-O

    1. colours says:

      🙂 – Agnes – So I have someone to motivate me to change…

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