Happy New Year

In 2009 I started a new habit. As 2009 rolled over to 2010 I created a picture collage of several pictures that I had taken over the year. This being the third year, it seems to have become a tradition. The part I love about the tradition is the one where I go through all the pictures I have taken over the year to chose the ones I feel best represent the year for us.

As I do this, I travel through all those times in the year which were very interesting. It makes me realize that there was a reason why the year flew quickly. It also makes me wonder – how did the year fly past so quickly. Yet, sometimes there is the feeling of “did that really happen this year?”

Here I list some of that really stood out in my mind – perhaps there are many others that should come up but it evades me at the moment:

  • Discoveries of the year: Theater im Pfalzbau, Shruti – a magazine on classical music and dance from South India, Art India – a magazine on art scene in India (mainly Mumbai and Delhi), Schauberg Cinema in Karlsruhe, IWC/BWC founded by a group of friends (what it means stays a mystery), Icebar in Oslo
  • Sports: Discovery of Ice Hockey
  • Travel: Norway, Bonn, Lausanne, Leipzig, Brussels (many times), Heidelberg with the many visitors, Heilbronn, Turkish corner in Mannheim (that transported me right into the midst of Kerala jewelry stores and middle east restaurants), US Washington and Luray caves, Como & Lezzano in Italy, Bobenheim am berg, Michelstadt…
  • Events: Tsunami, Book Reading by my uncle at Bonn, Leipzig book fair, Anna Hazare hype in India, breakdown of Indian political system, Greek/Italian/Spanish meltdowns, Obama mania fading away to be replaced by… (uh! no one yet), Lunar eclipse, Discovery of the old photos in the albums my parents rescued from our apartment in India, Flugtag at Walldorf

Over the year, I started writing about some of these events but never got around to actually writing them. There are still many more events and many more aspects of the local culture to explore. In the meantime, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2012. While 2011 has been a dry year for the blog, I look forward to writing more in 2012.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. agnes says:

    And a happy 2012 to you too. I am loving your photos 🙂

    1. colours says:

      Thank you Agnes… I have to restart taking pictures maybe starting with Heidelberg in the rain.

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