Removing the block

Almost everyone I have linked to, on my blog, seemed to have stopped writing – there are about 4 people who post once in a while and 2 who posts regularly. Who am I to complain? My last posts could hardly be called posts.

In the meantime it is not as if there is a big vacuum of topics – I have been collecting materials left right and center. I went for Flamenco dance again by Maria Pages, two puppet shows – one Augsburger Kasperle played by a couple and another more sophisticated Indonesian shadow puppet show, Wayang, on Ghatotkacha.  My hands itched to write about it – I researched about it and when I thought about writing, my whole mind went completely blank.

In the meantime, I tried my hand at cooking, listened to old cassettes found back when two households became one, started subscription to the Financial Times again – waiting patiently to hold the crisp newspaper in the hand again. The weekend section of the financial times still held the same charm – the latest one talked about Iran and the mysterious deaths of its nuclear scientists reminding me of an unfinished book in my cupboard on the history of Iran.

This weekend, due to the tail end of fever, I skipped four possible events – one a concert of Viola Gamba & Cembalo which I really wanted to go to, the carnival at Oberkirch in Blackforest, the circus which has come to our little towns and the slide show on Hurtigruten, the cruise on fjords of Norway – the second time I am missing it.

On the whole if I thought I will miss cultural aspects by leaving Brussels, that is not entirely true.


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