Autumn and me…

I woke up this morning and felt the vengence of the nature. The winter is trying hard to come in. It already succeeded in opening the door and walking in before we were all ready for it. The green leaves shivered and froze, the birds twittered with a different tone, the animals and insects scurried to find warmer pastures. This morning the wind screamed through the nature. “I am going to get you all off your comfort zone” – said the wind to the leaves and pulled and pushed and whooshed.

One evening I saw my two favourite trees at the entrance of my office building turn into beautiful red/yellow paintings. “Peter”, I wrote to my teammate of 8 years ago who lives in Silicon valley now, “Our trees have turned into pretty damsels again – I will send you the pictures”. Next morning I stood with my camera to take the pictures and stared at the naked branches in dismay.

This week the temperature went up again. The leaves have remained colourful much longer than ever before. In my drive to my friend’s Halloween party at Brussels, I looked around much more than I normally do – “Autumn is dangerous” I sang in my mind – “imagine all drivers looking at the colourful trees rather than at the highway” – and I increased the pressure on the right pedal. 230 km/h my speedometer said – I gasped thinking of all comments when I tell my family this. Ah! There I catch another pattern – cyprus trees with their dark green leaves framed the patch of yellow and red leaves atop a hill. I missed my camera desperately.

“Will there be another autumn like this?” I wonder, I hope while I hear my windows creak and groan. I better ensure my cameras are on hand next time.


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