Early morning twittering…

The last few days I have been out on the balcony enjoying the morning sounds. Yesterday I saw a group of boys walk to school – a few colourful birds flew past me as I stood looking at our lawn and the trees beyond. The trees are slowly changing colours reluctantly. The green you see below is slowly disappearing but the lawn is a perfect foil for the winter. Our landlord has been brilliant to give a summer landscape to the garden.

The other day I was walking outside our house – suddenly I looked at the lion outside our house. “Is he losing weight as the winter is approaching?” – I asked myself. It was a very short reflection of what normally happens to me. Like a metals contract in cold, I lose weight (I am talking here about 0.5 – 1 kg) in winter and gain back double the amount in summer.

Doesn’t he look fierce in summer?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ruchira says:

    you live in beautiful surroundings ! I am mighty jealous ! The lion does look ferocious 🙂

  2. Agnes says:

    My goodness. So beautiful.

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