Places I have lived in

I have lived in several places. Each place, in its own way, has been God’s own country.

I was born in Kerala, the original God’s own country, and soon after was taken to North India to live there for 2.5 years. There is no “more” beautiful place like Kerala or so I thought…

I moved several times in different parts of south India. Finally I spent many years in Chennai where we get something for Rs. 2 even today. I loved the city for the arts and entertainment opportunities there.

I got married and just before getting married, found myself a job in Bangalore.

We then got transferred to Walldorf in Germany – the story of many couples who worked in SAP LABS India.

I then moved to Switzerland to study to Lausanne – the first time I lived close to vineyards though not the first time I lived in the mountains and close to a lake.

… and then came my stint in Brussels – a city teaming with life. Like with Chennai, I fell in love with this pulsating city which though not as big or beautiful like some other Europeans cities exuded the charm of diversity.

and now I am back… in a place called Wiesloch close to Walldorf. This place also has its own charm with its proximity to vineyards, its summer fests, and our old renovated home which has been converted to modern apartment. The house opposite is also undergoing transformation right now. Two days back, before leaving for Lausanne for a weekend visit and school alumni event, I captured some people hard at work late into the evening. The texture of the wall looked like some modernistic oil paint hung for exhibition.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    I loved this post so so so much!

    You lived in such wonderful places. And the photos, my goodness, they are awesome!

  2. Ruchira says:

    great snaps ! You are so lucky to have lived in so many different places !

  3. Rash says:

    I loved this post! Great photos

  4. colours says:

    Thanks all… it does not cover all the places I lived in and loved – e.g. Ooty, Thalasseri, Kottayam…. but I do enjoy now the fact I lived in so many places – it was always difficult to leave friends behind and at that time not knowing how you would meet them again.

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