Lady in grey

A couple of weekends ago, we had been to the “Wein und Markt”. There were many stalls there. We had gone once in the morning and once later in the afternoon. In the morning, the market had not yet started and people were still setting up the stalls. Everything was still and we could walk where we wanted to. In the afternoon everything was different. There were people packed all around the streets of Wiesloch. We inched our way through and fought hard to cross. There were single files of people going in each direction squeezing through groups standing and chatting.

We met our landlord there. “Anyone who has lived in Wiesloch comes back on this day”, he told me – “It is an opportunity to meet old friends”. He and his wife sat with another couple. We nodded to them and went our way.

At one of the stalls, I noticed a lady. She has an interesting face I thought and clicked a few photos. The last few days I have been seeing her everywhere in Wiesloch. She always wears a grey T-shirt and beige pants. She has a serious look on her face. There is no particular time or street when I spot here – she is all over this small little town. Have you ever had such a surreal feeling of seeing a memorable not so famous face and then bumping into the same face again and again and again? Don’t you feel like you have built a relationship with her though she has never seen you and you have not exchanged a single word in all these one way interactions?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    She does look kinda serious. Or maybe it’s just the glasses.

  2. Butterfly says:

    Interesting. Maybe she has sisters who look like her and the dress must be a way for them to identify each other in a crowd! 😀

  3. colours says:

    Agnes: when I meet her on the street, she is even more serious…

    Bins: Ah! Twins are becoming more and more common in this part of the world.

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