A few days back, Agnes wrote:

a semi-deliberate attempt to chronicle my idle thoughts here, daily — because, you know, when life gets crazy it’s never a bad idea to periodically recognize one’s own thoughts in the middle of all the chaos. Like in a “when in doubt do the usual” sort of way.

and I thought perhaps that will help. There are also other things that help when you are unemployed and should be applying for a job… people going to work. One day I was at my German class when I saw this and today when I was looking for something to blog about, I found these two pictures.

On this rainy day, these two went about their jobs quietly while I sat in the car staring outside while pulling out of the parking lot. One, the postman, brought good news to homes

and apartments while the other, a parking ticket checker, left bad news on the wind screens of the cars of indisciplined people.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    It is therapeutic isn’t it?

  2. colours says:

    Indeed… !!!!

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