Thrill due to fear?

I hate thriller movies, any movies with ghosts in them (yet after I see it, I am encouraged and adrenalin is flying high), any thriller books or even the thought of walking on a dark lonely street lit by dim lights can make my skin curl. So when I read this article I tried to imagine the child’s glee or fear – hmmmm… I guess I would like to put myself into the minds of the children who are thrilled by this scare. What is interesting is that he assumes that the scares that he found thrilling are the same ones which will be enjoyed by others… isn’t it too late after the child/parents are scared to do it anymore?

On the other hand – perhaps there are too many other things to be scared off in life anyway – so maybe we should not grow up “afraid” of the unknown and the scary looking. Maybe we should embrace the unexpected…

I wonder what was the motivation behind him choosing this career – did he want to be in the circus before? Did he want to be a thriller movie creator?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    Thrillers are OK I think but I hate horror movies.

  2. colours says:

    🙂 I hate them too… thrillers are fine after I see them…

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