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Yesterday I visited a beautiful apartment. The Art-deco apartment where my friend stays is in the middle of Schaerbeek. Another friend who was supposed to join us called me at 7:45 p.m. I was stuck in a bad traffic in the inner ring of Brussels.

“Colours”, she said, “I am circling outside her place. There is no place to park the car and this place looks so scary that I do not want to park it here”. – she has a Mercedes convertible and I agreed with her.

“Why don’t you park in the Parking Botanique? I will meet you there.” – I said. Friend Art-deco had told me just that morning that the first time her husband parked his car in the neighbourhood it was stolen overnight. With just 5 more weeks to go I did not want to take the risk.

After meeting in the parking we crossed the road to catch a taxi. About 5 taxis told us it was just 5 minutes walk and we should walk down. My GPS had told me it is two kms walk and there was no way I was taking a risk on 1 inch heels. Mercedes friend agreed with me. 6-th taxi turned out to be a God in disguise. He agreed to take us. We crossed the tall post buildings around Nord station and crossed a bridge to come to an area where men stood around the footpath seemingly with no agenda in mind. The area was not well lit except for the few shops lit in red and white light with women in scant clothes on the window sill.

With most of the drive through such streets, we came close to the commune office and suddenly the look changed. Old renovated buildings with ancient streetlamps scattered all over came to the view. The streets seemed more warm and inviting. There were less vacant looking men here. We thanked the driver, paid and got out. She let us in at the ring. We walked into the foyer of the building covered with murals, stained glass and well polished wood. She led us to her apartment with walls covered in wood, huge windows with stained glasses and huge doors. We immediately fell in love with the place.

As Parmanu and I search for a place, it is often a dilemma we face. Old vs. new, neighbourhood vs. convenience, light vs. space and so on. The second house which we liked, we will have to let go. This time the landlord was strange. The search continues – in the meantime it is time to start sending the things.

On an unrelated note, I came across two articles which I would like to share.

Art comes in different forms and even these different forms can excite people enough to pay more than a million. A question here – do you have to create the art to call it your own or is it enough if you give a normal object an interesting twist that makes it become art?

Is it really time to visit New Zealand before they give in to economic pressures – or can we still enjoy the Lord of the Rings beauty a few years from now?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    Can I go with you to New Zealand?

    The old merging with the new — I love it…

  2. Butterfly says:

    Take me too, u guys. I need a real vacation!

    I am back, colors. Thanks for checking in on me.

    All the best with house hunting. I love new houses.

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