Brussels – 47 days more to go


It has been quite a long time since I blogged.  Today it is in between the day. I needed a break before I needed to do something creative. So here I am trying unleash my creativity though the post is as uncreative as it can be.

Last few weeks have been busy with the dance practice, work and just time pass. So I just decided I can only feel guilty about not updating the blog. We had a successful show and the dance came out well considering we met only 2 times as the complete group and the dance choreography became clear only 3 practices before the actual performance and that the first dance rehearsal was a complete scare as everyone forgot all the steps.

So that was the dance. I should be going out and photographing Brussels. Yesterday when out with my friend Eric, I forgot to take my camera. So here I was with my really bad blackberry camera when I came across some colourful graffiti. Normally graffiti photos are best left to my husband – however, some of these really capture different Brussels life. One gives a view of the Brussels events, another one about the streets in Brussels and what happens when you board up one of the buildings.

I particularly liked the parking signs in front… what a haven for advertisers.  Here Eric noted that my husband and I were alike in taking pictures of graffiti.

and this is when my friend starting thinking I am crazy as can be seen from his incredulous expression (he already knew but I think he did not expect it to this extent… ) when I took this one which can hardly be classified as graffiti – Hey! This is my city – and the characteristics of my city!

here is a better scaffolding. The fonts and colours used are quite interesting and specially the walls a bit later.

sometimes even posters formed a wonderful collage not restricted to walls or scaffolding but also on postboxes.

A colourful shop front with a colourful traveler squatting in front of it – it was closed yesterday but I remember it had some very interesting Asian things to sell.

finally a sanitized events holder in the parking lot – one of my favourite parking lots in Central Brussels for its proximity to different parts (touristic, shopping, bars, restaurants… ) and the best part – I do not have to do a Cinderella turn and run back in the middle of the night to take the car out before it closes – it is a 24/24 parking lot with secure doors.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes says:

    I’ve never been to Brussels. You’re making me want to visit…

  2. Nancy says:

    I watched a bit of the video but it was not very smooth…after sometime all I hrd was the audience kooving away 😀
    Are u there….I was looking out very carefully but none of them looked Indian…were u the person on the far right????

    My Naina who did Jai Ho last month in a school program and was not at all impressed with urs…..she actually gave me tips to help u out 😀

  3. colours says:

    Agnes, do visit … Brussels as well as Heidelberg… Brussels is a city to live in rather than visit actually.

    Nancy: I think it will take sometime to load the video – it is about 450 MB. I would love to see Naina dance :)…

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