Right or wrong…

I am disappointed. Today we had the first dance practice for the bollywood dance to be staged at a club in Brussels.

Now it is not fun anymore as it was last year when we were all amateurs learning dance together and putting up a show. All dancers (none from last year were there) wanted things to be at a professional level. They considered moving one of the dancers out of the group – she was most enthusiastic last time though she was not a great dancer (she was not present today). So now this friend of mine, who I called so she can dance since she wanted to dance, will do the choreography after she made statements like “Well.. if it is me doing the choreography, it is not going to be just walking around – I am going to make you work hard” and “I have made beginners who were at -50 level come up to +5 level”.

Maybe the baby has grown and flown the coup – I am still not ready to fly with it. In any case, I wanted to have fun and that is not the objective of this group – they want to do a professional show. So I have to let go. I cannot be  part of it unless the previous group, whoever wants to dance, is a part of it… and besides, I am not a professional choreographer in any case. For me deciding on the steps of the dance is a group and participative effort. Besides, I am not a directive person. I am a more involving person – we made the steps by consensus last year. Maybe what the group needs is a directive person.

We did a good job last year. If they feel the same group cannot do a good job (even if one person is not involved, then I cannot be a part). I am very sad about it – but it is time to move on. Goodbye to the next thing that was keeping me tied to Brussels.

Day 82.


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  1. Agnes says:

    I guess, passion is where it’s at….:-)

  2. WannabeWriter says:

    Right, I guess!

    But you can still have fun while doing it professionally….why don’t you give it a try?

  3. colours says:

    Agnes, passion is where it is 🙂

    Wannabe: Normally, everything should be done quite professionally. Unfortunately, I cannot agree to having people not included for differing definitions of professionalism. None of us are professionals – all of us are at the same level – one person of our troupe will not be sacrificed for a better dancer. Where were all these “better” dancers last year when we needed them?

  4. Butterfly says:

    Sometimes, the magic of the first time can never be captured the second time round. I have learned that we should never try too hard to make it as good. It will never be. Either you enjoy it as a new experience or like you did, just let go.

    1. colours says:

      Bins, absolutely right… and then it falls into the prioritization mode. With a move out of this city, two new projects at work which will demand all the time during weekdays, French class, a job search, ensuring time with all friends before leaving in 2 months time and travelling to Germany alternate weekends, I think I will just have to keep new experiences at bay for 3 months.

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