Putting away in a box

I am collecting memories. I cleaned the whole apartment today of all the magazines and papers that have been lying around for the last 2 years almost due to my lack of motivation to assemble them into any semblance of order. I sat down this evening to start collecting all these from different parts of the apartment (Lesson no. 1 – if you are shifting your house, go into a small one – else 3 years later you will be picking up paper from every corner of your place and it will take you at least 7 hours).

Most of these were The Bulletin – an English magazine aimed at the huge expat population here. From news of Brussels, Belgium, EU to all events happening in Brussels, good places to eat – the magazine makes life of an expat easy. Through this and the other weekly magazine called Agenda, I have come to appreciate Brussels as a happening city with the best places to eat out amongst the 4 cities I have spent my time in in Europe.

To preserve memories of Brussels, I cut out certain articles on events I have attended or on events I wanted to attend and could not. I cut out the recommended restaurants and remembered that I need to speed up. With Agenda and Bulletin coming out every week, I could not finish all these before I leave. I kept the issue that came out on my last birthday.

The years went by in my head as I went through these. The Zinneke in 2008, the Europalia with Korea in 2008 and then with China in 2009, the numerous concerts (classical, world music into from Samarkhand and rock), exhibitions like the Sexties which had a record number of people attending it, Gay Pride Parade, Omelette festival, going to really special restaurants, going to a discotheque one night to see that it was a special night with strip dance, choreographing bollywood dance for a club and having it staged for more than 1000 people… and the discovery of Le Pain Quotidien (I am linking to another blog since I do not have any pictures of my trips there)…

3 years – they have certainly flown!


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  1. Butterfly says:

    When you want to delete a mail from your inbox, the question : “Do u really want to delete this mail?” pops up. Like that, in real life, when you want to hoard stuff, the question should pop up from somewhere!!! 😀 That is what I feel when I clear out and find that I have stored crap for no reason.

  2. Nancy says:

    Accumulating junk is regular hazard…..when my father in law was staying with us, every 6 months he wd conduct this inspection and throw out anything which was not used for the past 2-3 months.
    Since I never had the heart to throw them out myself I would be so relieved :-D.

  3. colours says:

    Bins: I am sure later in life when I clean this lot I will again reduce the number of magazines and cuttings I have created this time….

    Nancy: My husband and I do this once in a few years. Shifting from one place to another is a good chance to do it but since we never shifted out of our Germany house for the last 10 years, I am sure we will have many treasures to untreasure.

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