Missing tête-à-tête – productive or not?

Every morning I come to office much earlier than others do. I come in; I walk up the really tiresome stairs. Those stairs are really tiresome even if I had not put on 4 kilos while in India on that long extended holiday. I do not know any fit person who can climb those monsters and still smile and breathe normally. So I climb these monsters early morning and come to my floor. As it was winter, I normally even have to switch on the lights at 8 in the morning. By the time the others start coming in, I am at my desk deep into a power-point taking one second breaks only to respond to Wannabe (and any other one) whose name pops up on my screen when she sends something on gtalk.

The last few days since coming back from India though, I have had the reverse jet lag. I sleep longer into the day because I am unable to sleep at night. It is the result of being alone – after being with someone else all the time; I cannot sleep the first few days when I am alone. Today it was particularly bad and I came to office about 9:15. One side of the corridor has the rooms of the Vice Presidents and the other side is where normal mortals like us sit. As I crossed the corridor, I noticed a phenomenon at 9:15 in the morning. Every single room had the Vice President in them and a lady with him/her. Each of them is in the de-briefing with their assistants. The VPs sit straight and look at the sky – calm unlike at other times. Some assistants are reading to them what they need to do. Other assistants are taking notes. The calmness is uncanny – perhaps that is what makes an assistant a great one. Before the start of the day, they put the ones they manage at ease – it surely makes life easier for the rest of the mortals who need to interact with these highly wired ones.

The uniformity in these rooms exactly at 9:15 made me think of creating a painting. Unfortunately as I am bad at drawing, this was the best I could do.

And finally I came to my desk and immediately noticed the only room where this phenomenon was not happening – it was my boss’s room. He was already in a meeting with one of my close friends at work. He does not have his agenda managed by an assistant and shares an assistant with his boss. She is also our team assistant. We are a team of three – my boss, my colleague and I. All 3 of us manage our own calendars unless we are out sick or on vacation. So we miss this quiet tête-à-tête.


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  1. Agnes says:

    Well, I hope you get over your jetleg soon.

    1. colours says:

      Agnes, 🙂 It seems to be getting better – today seems to be a better day though still not back to normal.

      1. Agnes says:

        I know. It takes a while…

  2. WannabeWriter says:

    Only yesterday, my colleague and I were discussing this. We were trying to fix an appointment with a VP of a customer company. He kept referring us to his assistant and we were wondering what do they do so much that they need an assistant to keep track of their daily work and emails! At that level we thought that the only thing they do is emails! hee hee….

    1. colours says:

      Wannabe, something I understood is that assistants are the most important. This access to emails become a problem when you want to discuss confidentially about the assistant herself :)…

  3. Butterfly says:

    Getting back to work after a vacation is truly painful! Stick it out and things will limp back to normal soon.

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