Calm and quiet childhood

Rash writes about mommies juggling with the activities for tiny tots in India…

Ah! it is no better in the US… I call my mother after I get home in the evening.

She tells me "You have 5 minutes. I have to take NEPHEW to his karate class. You can call at 4:30 when I will be back"…

"OK – I will call at 4:30.".

"We can talk for 5 minutes at that time. I have to take him for swimming at 4:45 and we need to change. It is better if you call at 6 – I have 1 hour at that time"…

"Amma.. that is midnight for me! So let us talk now"

"There is no time now – I have to rush now. How are you?"… "NEPHEW, are you ready? – let us leave"… click.

Karate, Swimming, Violin & Piano classes… – it surely makes me happy about my childhood. We had time to think – "should we play hide and seek or lock and key".


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  1. Agnes says:

    Your nephew is a busy bee!

    1. colours says:

      Oh yes… and he makes everyone around him busy too…

  2. Butterfly says:

    Slowly and steadily, people are coming around. I guess, there will come a time when kids can enjoy their childhood too.

    1. colours says:

      Bins, absolutely right…I guess it goes in cycles.

  3. 🙂

    Do I detect a slight resentment that Amma has no time for dear daughter and is truly busy with the nephew? Or do I consider the nephew lucky?

    And hey–what is nephew’s amma/appa doing? Shouldnt parents be the ones lugging their wards to whatever activities they have enrolled them in? 😛


    1. colours says:

      Preeti: :))) I expected the question about resentment. As I talk to her everyday for almost 1 hour, it is ok .. sometimes she feels bad if she does not talk to me enough…

      My sis is a single mother and her work times always clash with his class timings – so my father/mother and she share the tasks.

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