News items today

Some of the news items I came across today are very interesting:

 stray snake

  • and it is really not a great time for the past President A P J Abdul Kalam.
  • First he was “frisked” in security check by Continental Airlines – “tauba! tauba!” – isn’t that a breach of our country’s status as a Republic? How dare a chota mota carrier like Continental insult a whole country’s honour? and on top of everything he did not even receive an apology for being frisked! Having no other urgent matter that is pressing regarding the governance of the country, the parliament spent sometime dealing with the waves created by this unpardonable breach of conduct by the all assuming American Airline.  Did you even realize that he had to undergo full body check and was even asked to remove his shoes? What outrage! Even I have had to undergo that just a few times.  “The frisking was absolutely unpardonable,” Minister of State for Civil Aviation Praful Patel said in the Rajya Sabha. “Action will be taken in accordance with the sentiments of the house.”

Kalam and Continental

  • and then today he was “forced” to walk for 15 minutes in search of his car in a private medical college premises. I wonder who forced him to walk… I mean now, if this is not violation of code of conduct to an ex-President what can it be? Of course, such code of conduct violation merits attention as one of the top stories of “The Hindu”  that too as the second link.

kalam and his car


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  1. Bins says:

    I quickly came in to see what you are upto. It has been so long since ur last post. So I thot, ” lemme quickly jump into colours’s page and see what she is upto.” And guess what? I cannot make out if you are being sarcastic or not. On the face of it, it seems sarcastic! 😀

  2. Kahini says:

    He’s had a horrible time, poor man.

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