I wanted to write about Iceland. I got distracted by a mail from a friend. She and I were inseparable in 12-th Std and we lost touch soon after I left Trivandrum. Thanks to facebook we are now back in touch.

She sent me pictures of her home. It took me back to those days when the only concept in my life were independent houses and apartments were just concepts and later a novelty.

She said she lives in Sasthamangalam and gave me 2 landmarks to place her home. I did not know either.

Nostalgia is a strange thing. It takes you back and yet those are just fleeting images now painted into the canvas of the minds of people. In the last 6 years I have been back to TVM only for half a day. Her mail came on a day when I came back in the evening and played very old Malayalam film songs when Satyan was acting – it started with Aadyathey kanmani and continued moving on in years evoking feelings, places, rooms and people from the past. To cap it, her mail came with pictures of hibiscus flowers, Jasmine flowers and others I had even forgotten existed.

Thank you ITP for keeping me grounded on who I am as I approach the 17-the year since I left.


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