sunday nemesis

and this is just half of my inbox that you see….


and for Wannabe
for wannabe


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  1. Nancy says:

    The Spice Girls songs for Wannabe…..why??????

    Ur place looks good!!!!!
    But what made u change from typepad????????

  2. colours says:

    Hi Nancy, I googled for Wannabe and got the Spice girls song :)…. and… I wonder whether Wannabe wants to say another reasons… I have been thinking about moving from that blog since there were people I wanted to avoid. I wanted it to be more private.

  3. Pallavi says:

    LOL.. good to reach here.. And I hope you had a great weekend otherwise

  4. You’ll spoil my name adding scanadalous songs for me! hee hee… Nancy.. the song has wannabe in it..that’s the only connection! It’s one of those typical things that colours would do! 😀

  5. Colors says:

    Hey Colours, nice template! Sorry haven’t been regular as I’ve been keeping busy. Hopefully will get back in track soon.
    That song used to be one of my favs long long time ago.

  6. colours says:

    Pallavi: Though I did not finish anything I wanted to, I really had a relaxed weekend. I am suffering now as a result.

    Wannabe: Darn! You did not tell the real reason!!!! (Nancy, the clue is in her word scandalous)

    Colors: I can completely understand and I am as guilty… while I have been not to bad at regularly blogging, I have been bad at blog reading. I like the song too…

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