Rock On thoughts


Watched Rock On this evening – besides thinking that I need to still do something to my TV corner rather than having a wirehouse corner, I also had a few thoughts running in my head during the movie.

Why is it that a lot of youngsters start bands and then as they move on in life, their life with their bands are lost somewhere in the process of living? “Rock On” talks about this, I have a friend who was also a part of the rock band in his home town and as he studied further, he moved on to more individual pursuits of music – forced by circumstances as each member of the band went to different places I assume, I recently read that one of my most serious classmates – who joined the same company along with me – recorded a song with one of the Belgian rock bands in his youth and I have yet another friend/ex-colleague who now sings as a part of the band – not rock though which makes me wonder whether it is rock music that drives bands apart.  

I must say the lyrics are funny in this song. Some of them come back years later to make one appearance again and many disappear. I wonder how many such talents are lost and how many interesting songs we have lost.  

I also wonder whether we can get rid of showing drama behind a song and I wonder how patient we as audience would be if there was no drama behind the song – can we really enjoy songs in films just for the music? Many times I have felt that Bollywood movies lose their charm because the flow of the story is broken each time by a song. Yet, in a story like Rock On, about music, I can imagine that there can be a full song – and this time I felt that the listener was distracted from the song by the sentiments and the story that were built behind it. I missed the guitar in this song when sung at the concert. Here is the non-studio one with the acoustic guitar as well as the one sung at the competition… If you need the final version you will have to wait until the 43-rd second of the video and we do have more singing than music itself…

Another trivia: You can take a horse to the water, you cannot make it drink.


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